Where are you located?

We are located in a small country subdivision just outside of Kosciusko, MS.  We are just 60-70 miles NE of Jackson, MS and about 120 miles SE of Memphis, TN.

How can I be notified when you have new cockapoo litters?

Like and follow our Facebook page (M&K cockapoos of MS) and allow for notifications from that page.  That is the quickest and easiest way to stay up to date on what we have going on or coming up other than visiting our website regularly.

Will you meet for pick up?

No.  We do not leave the kennel to deliver puppies.  We just have too many obligations at the kennel and to other buyers to commit to anyone for travel.

How long have you been a breeder?

We've been helping or raising cocker spaniel, poodles, and cockapoo puppies since 1999.  We've had other litters in the past of different breeds but our specialty is bringing quality cockapoo family members into loving homes.

When will you have more puppies?

We try to keep our website up to date daily, so when we know that one of our ladies is pregnant, we will list them under an Expecting Litters link.

Can I make a deposit on upcoming litters?

Sometimes.  At this time, we occasionally open our Available Puppies page up for depositing on a future litter.  Puppies or future puppies are available for deposit/hold once we've posted them to the Available Puppies link.  It is very much a first come first serve basis.  If a deposit is made on an upcoming puppy and litter, the number of the puppy you deposit on will be where you lie in the picking order.  If you do not pick a puppy in the litter deposited on, you will move to the list for the next litter we have and in appropriate order based on deposit received.  Please please understand that deposits are non-refundable and review our general pricing before depositing.

How much are your cockapoo puppies?

All of our puppy prices are listed on our Available Puppies page.  Most puppies will range in price from $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 with a few being less and a few being more.

Do you ever sell your adult dogs?

We will occasionally rehome one of our ladies or studs for a neuter and/or spade fee.  This is rare as a lot of times these become our family.  Should we ever decide to rehome one, we will make a rehoming page.

What if I get home and the puppy gets sick or dies?

We take extreme care for our puppies.  They live inside our home with their mother the whole time they are here with the exception of the last 2 weeks.  We deworm them multiple times and give them their required shots and parasite treatments.  We do our very best to make sure you have a very healthy new pet; however, sometimes unexpected situations do occur and we do offer certain protections outlined in our Health Guarantee and Contract.  We encourage you to read through it and let us know if you have any questions by Contacting Us.

Do you offer shipping of a puppy?

We are using a ground transporter we've used in the past.
Please see our Contract for additional terms and conditions related to this pick-up option.

We do not fly our puppies for several reasons.
1. We live over an hour and a half from the nearest airport and many times that airport will not work best for the puppy as it relates to direct flights.
2. This has a tendency to put undue stress on a puppy. Traveling at this age is stress enough. Putting them on a plane with no human present compounds it. Remember, these are very young puppies that have leaned on human and/or other dog interaction.
3. Increased USDA regulations have made it costly and extremely difficult to ship live animals.
4. Puppies would much rather travel with their loving new families than be put in cargo with other animals that they've likely never even seen.

When can I pick my puppy up?

No earlier than their 8 week birthday.  Puppies need to have their 2 vaccinations and our veterinarian health check prior to leaving.  This is for the benefit of the puppy and is in no way an attempt to prevent you from having them sooner than later.  Please do not ask to pick your puppy up sooner than their 8 week birthday!

Can we come look at the puppy(s) prior to pickup?

No.  There is several reasons for this and why we sell virtually as opposed to in home.  There is a safety issue for the puppies as it relates to a disease called parvovirus.  Once that enters a kennel it is all but impossible to overcome.  Liability and insurance is also a matter that doesn't allow for visiting the kennel.  Additionally, uncommon visitors, announced or otherwise, tends to stress the mothers.  This is not good for anyone, including your puppy.  When you come to pick your puppy up, we will only have your puppy out and available to visit.  This is to limit contact with the others in an effort to curb all of these issues.  

Why do you breed cockapoos?

Our family has always had a history of allergies, including our 3 sons.  The hypo allergenic and general non-shedding nature of a cockapoo makes them great puppies for many families, including our own.  Our other reasons can be found in our ​About Us​​​ section.

Can we request updated photos of our puppy?

Yes, but please understand that we usually have several litters and/or puppies at the same time.  We try our best to send buyers up to date videos via text messaging weekly.  This isn't always possible as we have 3 boys who have activities going on as well as work at the kennel and outside of it that we must get done daily, so please please be patient with us!  Updated photos will be posted to our AVAILABLE PUPPIES link.

Do you dock the tails and dew claws?

Yes.  We dock all of our cockapoo puppies dew claws and tails.  If tails and dew claws are not docked or remain undocked, there is potential for health related issues.